How to Unsubscribe all YouTube channel with 1 click

 Hello Everyone, 

In this tutorial i'll show you how you can unsubscribe all youtube channel which you subscribed,

this is very simple process but remember do this with correct account.

Login your google account which you want to use for this on your browser and follow these steps:-

Step1- open your browser and visit this url:-

Step2- right click on your mouse or press ctrl+shift+i

Step3- click on "console" option.

Step4- copy this code and paste this on console tab then press enter button on your keyboard

$$('.yt-uix-button-subscribed-branded').forEach(function(el) {; $$('.overlay-confirmation-unsubscribe-button').forEach(function(el) {; }); console.log('Bye YouTube'); });

now you'll see this worked, and repeat step4 untill all channel unsubscribed.

If this worked for you then comment below and tell me...


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