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We provide Website Security & Bug Hunting Services

We are combination of Red Team & Blue Team, means The Red Team help you with Offensive Security and The Blue Team help you with  Defensive Security. Means we provide Bug Bounty Hunting, Penetration Testing, Exploiting Vulnerabilities, Black Box Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Web App Scanning Services and In another case We also provide Infrastructure Protection, Incidence Response, Threat Hunting, etc. We have lot of Experienced and Skillful Team to check & protect your Website from Cyber Criminals, Bad Hackers, Script Kiddies, Black Hat Hackers, Hacktivist or Patriotic type Hackers. If you have already appoint some Security Researcher or team of Network Engineer, Cyber Security Experts, Web Application Security Researcher then We have also Solution, You can hire us as Bug Bounty Hunter because our Bug Bounty Hunters have a lot of Experience and Expertise to find bug in Your Website & Web Application. In case your Business is new online or You have not hire anyone due to your budget then don’t worry we are here for you, you can hire us to protect your business online & then you’ll do your business not worry about their security. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter .

In today Digital World there are thousands of Websites are hacked or defaced by Black Hat Hackers or Script Kiddies, and many time the target was Company or Organization. After Hack Successful Black Hat Hackers stole data or user information from hacked organization and sell them on Dark Web Forums or Dark Web E-Stores and then company respect go down and again its hard for people to trust again that company, and company also lose sales or business and search engine reputation. We have lot of Expertise to tackle these types of attacks, So if you want to Protect your Website from bad guys then you can mail us. or contact via Facebook & Twitter .

Data Breaches from World Class Organization

You can see list of data breaches from many world class organization from this Wikipedia page. That data compiled from various sources, including press reports, government news releases, and mainstream news articles.  This list includes more than 30,000+ compromised records.

Before its too late secure your business or Individual site with our World Class Service, Contact now

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Why should you choose us?

There are many best reasons to choose our service and product because we can do what you want, and we understand and know that many of script kiddies are provide penetration testing and take payment before start hunting bugs but we take payment when we really found critical and high severity vulnerability in your business or systems. Our cost are legit and we already serve our services to world class organization and company around world.

What services we offers?

There are many services, products, free courses, tools, script, software and applications we developed and luckily customer reviews our services between 4-5 stars. We was start our penetration testing services but found many other IT companies provide low quality services in high prices and many of our top reputed clients request us to give better services than others then we do lot of research and experiment also talk some professionals and finally setup our R&D center and these products are better than others and ranked top best in market.

  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Malware removal Services
  • Recovery of Defaced Website
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Hosting

Penetration Testing Services

As you know our first service was penetration testing service which was firstly introduced and launched in our onion web for .onion and sub other domains, then we start bug bounty hunting on some public program of hackerone, bugcrowd and after some time we also participated in some private programs. We have now launched our own penetration testing services on to provide you best services and we can now directly connected to provide you better and fast results. Penetration testing is important for any kind of business and it’s very lightweight and best model to secure your business before its end. To secure your business and take our penetration testing services contact us via mail ->

Malware removal Services

Many times your website get infected by malware, ransomware or any kind of virus or worm, you can clean those type of threat using our malware removal services. There are many reasons why your site is infected some common are vulnerability in your website, sometimes you use nulled or cracked theme or plugin or in some cases low hosting server got rooted by black-hat hackers due to vulnerability. We have clean hundreds of website in a month, and also take care of site for month for changes and insured malware is removed and site is cleaned successfully. Contact us for clean your website from malware.

Recovery of Defaced Website

In this digital era cyber security is most important concern, thousands of website got defaced and server got rooted by cyber criminals around world in just few hours. World best organization invest much money in they infrastructure and service protection, world best organization like- google, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla invest in developing their own security software and hardware, google titan chip is one of good example for this. Online service providers, or any business which is online invest in their security because they know if their security failed and cyber criminals got access to their site then higher possibility is their reputation will goes down and they will in next day news and people will not trust them and their profit comes to loss. We already secured many website from these type of attacks, and also recovered many defaced website and clean backdoor and other types of malicious program like shell from their system and we also provide detailed report why they has been hacked and who hacked them and what vulnerability exist and how can we fix it, sometimes we fix vulnerability for them or guide him/her.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Their are two types of SEO, first is on page SEO and second one is off page seo. Many times lot of business startups or entrepreneurs try to find good SEO services for their website in better cost but they can’t find it and sadly waste many money in seo which they can be use in growing their business. Many business startup request us to provide good quality of seo service for their business, so we have start our own Seo services in good prices. You can learn more and hire our seo team for your website seo by contacting us so mail us today :-

Web Hosting Services

There are two types of Web Hosting Services we offer, 1) first is which comes with server means you'll have full access of your server, ssh, ftp, dedicated ip, free SSL and many more. 2) second one, which will server-less hosting means you have no worry about server and you should only manage your website. 

We have also plan for users who doesn't understand technical term or can't manage many things and want simple user interface, then we have hosting for your website which comes with cPanel, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, unmetered storage, unlimited subdomains and many more. Contact us for know more about it.

Website Development

Experience is the thing which can't be purchased through money, We have skilled, qualified, experienced and amazing website developers who have already made many website using html, css, java-script, PHP, Django & flask, or even using bootstrap 3/4 and version 5 is in beta testing, and also make site in popular cms like- WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. The main thing is we developed website in your price range and website will fully responsive.

WordPress Hosting
WordPress is popular cms in market because their easy to use interface is amazing, a beginner can also use WordPress to build their blog, store, news website and many more. We provide amazing quality WordPress hosting in your price range, FREE SSL and other features which you can expect from other hosting provider are also available on our platform. Contact us to know more.

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